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In defense of Jim Boeheim

(Not that he needs my help… I think he can take care of himself…)
It’s time to break my silence. Frankly, I had wanted to avoid writing about the Bernie Fine situation altogether. It’s just sad all around, and unlike a lot of the blogs out there we’re not trying to be professional journalists or even [...]

Welcome, Orange travelers, to Washington, DC

I’m about to do something I don’t usually do: use this forum for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Despite the Hoya Athletics Department’s best efforts, there are going to be quite a few SU fans descending on DC this weekend for Saturday afternoon’s game. And as you might expect, there are some official parties going [...]

Whither Matt Gorman?? (Pro Update 1-7-11)

Sad but true. Matt “Matty-boy” Gorman is no longer playing professional basketball, at least not at the moment. He was not re-signed by the Sheffield Sharks for 2010-11, and there is no record of him playing for, or even signing with, another team. Yet.
But, who from Syracuse is still playing pro hoops, whether in this [...]

What we’ve been up to

If you’re looking for something to read while watching the BET first round UConn-St. John’s turnover fest, here are a few items that have passed through these virtual walls recently that you may have missed:

Pro Update: Etan Thomas played in an NBA game for the first time in 3 months, while Donte Greene read books [...]

The only poll that matters

One of my favorite bits of SU hoops coverage every year is what Mike Waters has called this year the “Had To Ask” survey. This is the assortment of questions about the players’ lives and preferences that the P-S publishes each preseason. It was through this survey in previous years that we learned that Arinze [...]

The #1 Reason to Get Pumped for Basketball Season

Get pumped!!

So, Midnight Madness is taking place tomorrow. (Even though the team has been practicing for a week… um, ok.) All month we’ve been counting the reasons to get pumped for basketball season. We’ve gotten pumped about the players, the opponents, the new rules, the history, and even the many faces of Jim Boeheim. We’ve [...]

The “Get Pumped” Countdown: #22

Ask a random college basketball fan to name the first person that comes into his or her mind when you mention the Syracuse team, and you’re likely to get a name from among the following:
“Carmelo Anthony.”
“Jim Boeheim.”
“Dave Bing.” (if you ask someone who is trying to show off)
“Gerry McNamara.” (if you ask someone who follows [...]


Team USA had its way with Lithuania today, as the headline says “US Jumps Lithuania Early and Rolls On”. Sexxy. This was another exhibition tuneup for the Olympics. The USA has two more such games early next week, and then they will play their first official game on Aug 10 against China. So much for [...]

The SOBs - Day Two - Most Improved Player

Good morning ladies and gentledudes, and welcome to Day Two of the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards. There is another tasty menu of accolades to come today. If you missed Day One of the awards, you can go to SOB-HQ at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician for links to all the awards that have been [...]

Hoops Practice Video

Hey all. The Post-Standard has posted an interesting video “collage” of SU’s monday practice.

My favorite part is about halfway through when we see Eric Devendorf clearly practicing to win a Dunk N Bright recliner at a future Dome game.