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Regarding the silvery benches

This morning I read this article in the NY Times about how the student section at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium is almost never full these days. The school has been selling the excess capacity to non-students, so the games are still sold out. But the article (which is well worth your time) notes that they [...]

Dome sweet Dome

What a refreshing feeling to be back in the Carrier Dome once again to witness some Syracuse basketball in person. I was in attendance at the Cincinnati football game, but that experience just doesn’t measure up to watching my #1 favorite sporting squad of all time in action.
Let’s get to the personal highlight of [...]

Who on this Syracuse team would you want on your side in a knife fight?

When it comes to Syracuse basketball, I’m typically a creature of brazen overconfidence. Every preseason I get that “this could be the year” feeling that only blossoms as we mow through mid-major opponents and preseason tournaments in November and December. Then, over the course of every season, they provide the full dramatic range of hope, [...]

The Dome is a bit larger than I remember

Following the St Francis game on Yahoo, here is their call of the action from early in the second half:

I’m glad we got the rebound….

Center Court?

A bit of discussion has been going on recently in and around the Orangenets (almost, but not quite, the same thing as the Ongenaets) about whether to explore putting the basketball court in the middle of the Dome, oriented lengthwise, rather than down at one end zone as it has always been. It came up [...]

No home like the dome

Via a comment below, I was directed to some excellent photographs of the Georgetown game by Baldwinsville shutterbug Scott Thomas. This one got my juices going:

See more of Scott’s work here. He’s got tons of Syracuse and CNY photos — not just SU sports but other local sports, the city and its environs (and inhabitants), [...]

the top ten is just not that in to you

That was disheartening. SU lost to Louisville on Sunday in a game that didn’t feel as competitive or close as the score indicated. Although SU showed heart and guts in keeping it close, repeatedly stanched Cardinal runs that threatened to turn the game into a route, and somehow managed to claw their way back into [...]

A bit late, but….

I have about ten minutes to spare to fire off a quick thought about the UVA game, which I was fortunate enough to attend last week along with three other Cuse Country staffers.

we must protect this house

Bizarre series of factoids about tonight’s opponent, the Virginia Cavaliers, that I’m enjoying: they have Louis Farrakhan’s grandson on their roster, and they just suffered a serious upset loss at the hands of a school founded in the 1970s by Jerry Falwell. Talk about two signs that you probably suck at basketball. UVA needs a [...]

The #1 Reason to Get Pumped for Basketball Season

Get pumped!!

So, Midnight Madness is taking place tomorrow. (Even though the team has been practicing for a week… um, ok.) All month we’ve been counting the reasons to get pumped for basketball season. We’ve gotten pumped about the players, the opponents, the new rules, the history, and even the many faces of Jim Boeheim. We’ve [...]