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Best of luck to Coach Murph; Welcome back, Red

Props to the Post-Standard for digging up this shot.  Who would’ve thought they’d all be back together again, 18 years later?

They are merely Fair Waiters, not great ones

Six games in and the puns have been laid on thick already when it comes to C J Fair. The ridiculous dunk last night led to a bunch of “Man, that was just unFair” and other obvious blobs of text. I thought to myself “I’m still waiting for the Waiters puns to start flying.” (For [...]

Blasts from the pasts

So yes, I spent the afternoon watching two old Syracuse games on ESPN Classic. I saw their noon and 2pm offerings. It wasn’t how I intended to spend my afternoon, but once I found out about the airings I knew my errands would have to wait. The noon game was a win over Notre Dame [...]

Hoops Practice Video

Hey all. The Post-Standard has posted an interesting video “collage” of SU’s monday practice.

My favorite part is about halfway through when we see Eric Devendorf clearly practicing to win a Dunk N Bright recliner at a future Dome game.

All-Stars Abound (Pro Update 1-25-08 part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about the exploits of the NBA contingent. Of course I was one day too early to include the news of Melo being voted as a starter for the All-Star team. Ah well — there was enough news to go around anyway, and there is tons to talk about regarding the other guys [...]

Hello Goodbye (Pro Update 4-4)

It’s been over two weeks since my last update. Between NIT mania, my birthday, the SOB Awards and my trip to NYC last weekend, I haven’t had a solid block of time to put together an update with all the information that you, our loyal readers, so desperately crave. But now I do! We’ll start [...]

No Catchy Title This Time (Pro Update 3-19)

In the interest of preserving space on the CC front page, I’ve stuck the entire content of this update after the jump…

Kiwi Power (Pro Update 3-10)

Wanted to get this slipped in before the Madness takes hold.
The New Zealand basketball season started Friday, and it didn’t take long for Josh Pace to make his presence known. Pace led his team to victory with 25 points and 5 assists. (box score) Then again, considering he was on the all-league first team last [...]

Return to Glory (Pro Update 3-6)

As first reported here in a comment by Jer, Jason Hart was released by the Kings last week. Actually it looks like he bought out his own contract so that he would be free to sign with the LA Clippers (which he did). The Clips needed a point guard after Shaun Livingston’s horrific knee injury [...]

The Next Generation (Pro Update 3-1)

With so much current SU action, it’s been hard to find time to check in on the grownups. So get ready to dive in.
(HEY guess what! Europe news below has been updated with two new items since the original post.)
Grown-ups, indeed. Carmelo Anthony is going to be a daddy! His fiancee La La Vasquez is [...]