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They are merely Fair Waiters, not great ones

Six games in and the puns have been laid on thick already when it comes to C J Fair. The ridiculous dunk last night led to a bunch of “Man, that was just unFair” and other obvious blobs of text. I thought to myself “I’m still waiting for the Waiters puns to start flying.” (For [...]

Pro Update 1-11-10

Welcome to 2010 everyone! It’s been a long hard slog through the autumn months. Loads of stuf has continued to crop up and prevent me from doing what I love — that is, scraping the farthest corners of the internet for crumbs of information about former Syracuse basketball players who are now making their living [...]

Blasts from the pasts

So yes, I spent the afternoon watching two old Syracuse games on ESPN Classic. I saw their noon and 2pm offerings. It wasn’t how I intended to spend my afternoon, but once I found out about the airings I knew my errands would have to wait. The noon game was a win over Notre Dame [...]

Rumblings and stumblings in the pro ranks

Basketball season is nigh. Nigh I say! And while the official Cuse Country SU Hoops Season Preview Special won’t be ready for a little while longer, there has been a lot going on with the SU alums in the NBA and elsewhere that you ought to know about while prepping yourself for tomorrow night’s Midnight [...]

Pro Wrapup Summer 2009

Boy, that was not fun. I guess I should have expected that, at some point in graduate school, I would be required to actually do some actual work. Had to put aside for several weeks months my fervent desire to update Josh Pace’s progress in Estonia, and spend time dissecting the nuances of Martin’s Axiom. [...]

Months late (Pro Update 2-20-09)

Holy crap, you guys! It’s back!

Yes indeed. For those who rely on Cuse Country to keep you informed about the comings, goings, and doings of former SU basketball players, it has been a long, empty winter. Lucky for you, the planets have aligned properly to allow me, once again, to drop more knowledge on you [...]

The Biggest Little City in the World (Pro Update 11-30-08)

Reno Gazette-Journal

Damone Brown, welcome to Reno! Try not to blow your minuscule D-League salary on slots and hookers. (Just pick one: slots or hookers.) Damone had 18 points and 13 rebounds last night in the first-ever game for the Reno Bighorns, who are an expansion team in the D-League this fall. Reno lost by five [...]

The Association giveth, the Association taketh away (Pro Update 11-20-08)

Quite a week for Orange alums around the world. Particularly in the NBA, where up is down, black is white, and Lindsey Hunter has been added to the Cuse Country Pro Update Shit List.

Where Are They Now? (Pro Update Fall 2008)

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The summer has come and passed. The innocence can never last. Basketball seasons around the world are in full freakin’ swing. And, as usual, the globe is dotted with dollops of Orange. Other than some of the players in the NBA, everyone has moved on from the [...]

Kodiak Bear Sighting in Israel!

Not quite a red heifer, but it’s something.
In the wake of Mike Waters scooping me on Matt Gorman’s hop across the Irish Sea to England (this on the heels of my missing the Josh Pace to Estonia news a while back) I figured I better tap into my sources and see if anything else is [...]