a 6′3″ Hakim Warrick

Big ups to Mike Waters for alerting us to this video. It’s future SU playmaker Dion Waiters commiting a balls-to-the-face dunk crime on some poor high school kid from Oak Hill Academy (itself an SU pipeline). It’s more than a little reminiscent of everyone’s favorite Royal Ivey moment. The difference is that Waiters is just a 6′3″ high school junior SG, which makes it damn impressive. Waiters is shooting up the recruit-ranking lists, and by the end of his senior season he should be the next high-profile McDonald’s All-American to come to Syracuse. Just as important, Mike Waters has revealed to me the existance of something called yougotdunkedon.blogspot.com, “The # 1 blog for pics and video of people getting dunked on.” Now that’s a worthy topic if I’ve ever heard one.


  1. Jer
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    I second the suggestion to head over to yougotdunkedon.blogspot.com. Besides many, many amazing thrown-downs, they’ve got five dunks from Melo and one from Harris. A total of six for Warrick, including NBA jams, the Ivey treatment, and one dunk against Notre Dame where his arms slam it home while he remains as far from the basket as I’ve ever seen for a dunk. Gumby, indeed.

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    There are so many reasons why Hakim Warrick is probably my favorite recent SU player: The picture of him introducing Royal Ivey to his nuts. “Twizzler arms.” The Block. The fact that he stuck around and became a solid all-around player. The fact that he’s holding his own in the NBA, albeit as a something of a journeyman.

    Also: “Dunk crime.” I love it!

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    Which brings up the age-old question: which of these iconic versions of that classic moment do you prefer?


  4. Jer
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    The second one is definitely the better shot of the two. You need to see clearly what exactly is happening to Mr. Ivey. Do you think Royal has nightmares where he’s frozen in that position?

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