new record for the Big East

The new polls came out this afternoon, and as expected Syracuse has vaulted into the national rankings. The press (#16) is giving us a little more props than the coaches (#20) at this stage, but I’m in a forgiving mood so I’ll let it slide. I know how conservative pollsters are sometimes — they don’t like radical change from their weekly assumptions, regardless of the evidence in front of them.

On the other hand, no one seems to be afraid to give our conference the respect it deserves. The Big East just set an all time record in the AP poll, accounting for an astounding 8 teams; basically one third of the total. The league also has more than one third of the top 20, with SU’s rise and Georgetown’s ticking up one notch giving the league 7 in that category. The coaches poll dropped Marquette to the equivalent of 26th, so no new records there, though the Big Beast owns 7 out of the top 20 spots in that tally as well.

The conference showed some chinks in the armor last week, with unexpected losses from Marquette, Louisville, and West Virginia (and Notre Dame and Georgetown had split decisions in some high profile matchups), but that was more than offset by a bevvy of high-end victories, too numerous to count. So far the conference is as-advertised.

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    We knew that everyone wouldn’t win every time. The Louisville loss was stunning but as I recall they did the same kind of crap early last season, before turning into a legit squad later on and ripping shit up.

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