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New polls are out.

We started the season underrated but the boys are just too darn good and it didn’t last long. Last week, the Syracusan noted the conservative nature of pollsters. If you weren’t in their top 25 the previous week, you’re unlikely to debut at a very high level. Now that we’ve broken the seal on the top 25, apparently a big win and a narrow victory over minor teams is enough to keep us moving up. Last week we were ranked 16/20, now, without playing a quality game, we’re 13 and 16 in the AP and ESPN/USA Today polls.

This is good news come too early. The team is discovering out how good it is, but they need the pressure kept on them to continue to prove it. They so dominated Colgate that they lost their edge in the first half against Cornell. I’d rather be the underdog nipping at the heels of the big dogs, than to be the big dog with a target on my back, but I’m happy for the players to get some national love.

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    I’m less and less enamored with the rankings. You would think that in today’s media-saturated age, the voters would be more informed about the teams, not less. Yet the ranking system seems to have devolved to the point where “moving up in the rankings” is completely equivalent to “hasn’t lost recently”.

    For instance, in the AP poll SU moved up three spots (from 16 to 13). The three teams that dropped below us are Purdue (lost to #7 Duke), Michigan St (lost to #1 UNC), and UCLA (lost to #6 Texas). Why does losing to a higher-ranked team make you fall in the rankings? It makes no sense.

    SU is a good team but #13 seems too high for their current stage of development. It’s on the coaches to keep the players’ heads out of the clouds over the next week of “cupcake” games — that are not really cupcakes but rather are decent small-conference squads — leading up to Memphis in 11 days.

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