Syracuse Orange: ridiculously solid

Jonny Flynn’s line score against DePaul tonight doesn’t look particularly spectacular, but if you saw the game you know he played very well. More importantly, he played with energy and intensity almost the entire game. His effort tonight went into creating offense for his teammates more than for himself, hence his 8 dimes. He also did a decent job of limiting his bad turnovers, while simultaneously making enough kick-ass Dome-rocking fan-pleasing plays to keep the crowd in it all the way through. All well and good, but I’m mostly excited to see him staying engaged with the game, even against sub-standard opponents — regardless of the stats he ultimately puts up. Also, Flynn’s my man because of this quote from Mike Waters’ article yesterday:

“It matters,” Flynn said of the Orange’s lofty ranking. “A lot of people might say it doesn’t mean a lot, but when you see yourself in that Top 10 with the other elite teams, it does something to you. It gets you to come out here and want to work even harder to try to keep that. It’s motivation for us to keep on moving up.”

That’s what I’m talking about. Those rankings matter. They matter a lot to me and to a lot of other fans, regardless of the fact that by the end of the year their importance is reduced. It’s good to see the players mirroring those sentiments, and finding inspriration from them.

In other news, SU’s RPI rose into the top ten to match its rankings in the polls. We’re #10 in the index, according to

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