Well, that sucked

OK kids, now you know what a real Big East game is like. Time to wake up. That was as poor a defensive effort from this team as I’ve seen all year. Georgetown had open shot after open shot after layup. It’s like we had no answer for their offense. I thought the SU offense was decent, not scintillating but reasonably effective overall. We certainly scored enough points to win (and without Rautins for 3/4 of the game). But when you give up 60% shooting, you’re going home sad. End of story.

What’s more, the general non-competitiveness of the game took much of the energy out of the building for long stretches. I was in the upper deck but the atmosphere was kind of blah, not nearly the energy I have come to expect from all my SU-related trips to the MCI Verizon Center. It was, dare I say it, a bit boring. Other than the brief run to start the 2nd half (which IMO had more to do with Georgetown coming out flat with their huge lead, than anything SU did differently) the whole feeling was one of just biding time until the final buzzer.

I’d rather not dwell on this game any more; this sort of thing is best forgotten. However I do want to share one more thing. I was walking past the GU student entrance around 6pm on my way to dinner, the doors had not yet opened and there was a mass of students waiting to get in. One was holding this sign, and it cracked me up:

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