Pro Problems

Just a quick update on two of the guys in the pro ranks (full update coming later this week). Friday night, Jason Hart was released by the Clippers. Not a shocking move, as he clearly was not in their future plans. However, there is good news. First, Jason’s contract is guaranteed at nearly $3 million this season. Second, rumor has it that once he clears waivers he is going to sign with the Nuggets, moving from one of the league’s doormats to one of its title contenders. So, although he is an LA native, I don’t think Jason will complain too much about this move.

In a story with not nearly the same positive side, Damone Brown has been arrested. TNIAAM reported this on Thursday, and gives the situation a good look. I haven’t had a chance to dig into it too much but it looks pretty bad on the surface. I’ll keep you up to date; suffice it to say for the moment that Damone missed the most recent Reno Bighorns game, and may not play again this season. Sounds like he should have stayed in Holland….

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