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I find myself with a bit of extra time this fine Monday, so here are a couple basketball things that have been rattling around in my head:

  • While everyone is talking football (and appropriately so), SLAM online is already whipping up the hoops frenzy. Here is their preview of SU’s upcoming basketball season, replete with a description of Andy Rautins as “he of the ratchet and ill mohawk”.
  • Darryl Watkins has been signed to Cleveland’s training camp roster. He’ll have a chance to earn a roster spot, hypothetically; more likely is that he ends up serving as Shaquille O’Neal’s personal heavy bag for a month of practices, and then gets cut and goes back overseas or to the D-League.
  • Speaking of NBA guys, did you know Jonny Flynn was NBA Rookie of the Month for July? More to the point, did you know they even gave out NBA awards during July? Me neither. But he had an awesome summer league and the Wolves fans are all in love. Jonny also was given the key to the city of Niagara Falls back at the end of June. Here’s some more media coverage of that event.
  • Meanwhile, the T-Wolves’ front office broke up the Syracuse connection before it even started by trading Etan Thomas to Oklahoma City, which has got to be an exciting move for him since he grew up in Oklahoma (in case you forgot), not to mention the fact that the erstwhile Supersonics are not exactly overflowing with big men; Etan should find some court time if he remains healthy. But the awesome news from Minnesota is that they hired this guy to be their coach:

    That’s right, it’s the one and only Kurt Rambis. Back in college, the campus humor magazine (which was generally not particularly humorous, but we all read it anyway) ran a short piece called “Magic vs Magic” or something like that, in which which magic (i.e. the art of illusion) was compared in several ways to Magic Johnson. I don’t remember much of the piece, but I do recall that one of the achievements of Magic Johnson was having made Kurt Rambis out of wax, which I remember mainly because it was soon followed by the immortal line:

    “Wax Kurt Rambis is a scoring machine!”

    This sentence pops into my head a few random times each month, but now that Rambis is Jonny Flynn’s coach I may end up having it on a permanent loop once the season starts.

  • Hakim Warrick finally got the hell out of Memphis: he signed with the Bucks at the beginning of August. He could very well start for them; we’ll see whether he can stabilize his game with a coach (Scott Skiles)who may actually know what he is doing.
  • Finally, you probably saw this a couple weeks back if you’ve been paying attention: K-Ong signed with an Italian team for the upcoming season. He joins a team that finishd 12th out of 16 teams last season. Also, Matt Gorman re-upped for a second season with the Sheffield Sharks. We will of course follow his exploits closely this fall, and get you the rest of the overseas signings as they happen (or more likely a week or two later as the news filters through the series of tubes).

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