Le Moyne’s gotta be feeling pretty good right now

I imagine the 2K Sports Classic organizers are still kicking themselves for inviting Ohio State instead of Le Moyne to round out the tournament in MSG last weekend. They could have had the dream Orange-Dolphins rematch in the finals instead of the listless blowout they got with UNC. Lesson learned, 2K; lesson learned.

In other news, ESPN’s recap of the UNC game tells me this:

The Orange have won six of seven and 14 of 18 against ranked nonconference opponents.

Can this be true? If it is, why aren’t we bragging a shit ton more about it than we have been? This means that in recent years our only loss to a top team out of conference was to Oklahoma in the Sweet 16 last year, and that for half a decade we’ve been laying beatdowns on almost every high profile non-Big East team to come across our path. Granted we’ve lost our share of big games in the past 5 years, but this stat shows that those losses have mostly been in conference, which only further proves our general theory that the Big East is effing ridiculous. Out of pure intellectual curiosity — and a touch of masochism — I’d like to see Doug Gottlieb try to explain away that streak.


I saw the following quote in several national stories covering the aftermath of the UNC win (just to pick one: here’s Seth Davis), but I want to share it to make sure everyone else gets the chance to feel the chills I felt when I read it.  This is Wes Johnson explaining how he knew it was time for his coming out party:

“Gerry told me, when the lights come on, you’re going to know it.”

Oh hells yeah, Wes. Welcome to the show.

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