Dick Weiss: Syracuse’s biggest fan

Ever since we saw that SU got one first-place vote in this week’s AP poll, we’ve been wondering which brave and insightful scribe thinks we’ve got the best darn men’s basketball team in the country. Now we know.

It’s Dick Weiss, New York Daily News sports writer and, evidently, the country’s biggest Orange fan. (Here’s an entry from his blog about it.)

Putting aside his obvious brilliance, Weiss seems likely to have at least one advantage over most of the other 64 voters in this week’s poll: He probably saw our dismantling of North Carolina in person. Though I can’t find any stories he may have written about the game on the Daily News’ site, here’s his take on our demolition of Cal the night before.

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    This man obviously deserves a Pulitzer Prize immediately. Can we get a campaign going?

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