Oh, it is ON.

Getting majorly psyched up for the game tonight. I will of course be there, as I have for the past 10 years that I have lived in the DC area (except those dark years that they did not play a game here), decked out in bright orange of course. I’m not particularly confident that Syracuse will win; the past few “close-shave” games, culminating in Sunday’s loss, have shaken my early-season faith that SU would nonchalantly crush all obstacles in their path. But Georgetown’s flaws have been exposed just as much as SU’s, if not moreso. I mean, come on. Rutgers? In this day and age?

The keys for SU are famliar. On offense, work the ball inside. Get Monroe in foul trouble if possible. Even if he stays on the floor, he tends to turn softer than whipped cream cheese when he gets a couple early personals on his sheet. I want a steady diet of beefcake tonight. Sure, SU will have to hit more than 26% from deep, but let’s not focus on the threes. Stay the course. On defense, watch out for Chris Wright penetration and Monroe catching the ball in the high post. As much as you may want to, don’t double Monroe if he gets the ball at the foul line. I know he is capable of hitting that shot, but I’d rather make him take it than pull the defense out of position and have him find someone streaking along the baseline for a dunk. If he starts dribbling, then the guards can drop back and stick a hand in there.

Let’s be honest and say that we have no idea how this game will turn out. If the Georgetown team that beat Duke shows up, and the Orangemen that barely beat DePaul show up, this could be as ugly as last year’s trip to Washington. On the flip side, we could see a repeat of the sandblasting that SU laid on the Hoyas in January at the Dome. Most likely, though, we are going to end up with a nail-biting affair in which neither team is able to put away the other. Whatever happens, I’ll be in attendance screaming like an extra from an episode of 24. The outcome of the game will determine whether I show up to teach class tomorrow morning.

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