Rutgers sets attendance records too

Having twice purchased tickets to the RAC to see SU play Rutgers, I have ended up on the Rutgers Athletics email spam list. Today my inbox was graced with an email from that list with the subject line “Rutgers World Record Attempt”. I assumed they were simply breaking the record for “Most Consecutive Seasons Coached By Fred Hill” but it was something else entirely.

If you can’t regularly fill the RAC for basketball games, then perhaps you can fill it for this:

That’s right, everyone. Get your Bon Jovi on at the RAC this Friday to set the Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Air Guitar. Forget 34,616 fans in the Dome Saturday. That was just a basketball game. This is something much more.

An ingenious move by RU. Most Jersey kids grow up playing air guitar. Why not pack a couple thousand of ‘em into your underused arena? It’s for a good cause — proceeds from the $5 admission go to local schools for their music and arts programs. But we all know the real money will be in the concessions. They should do a brisk business in nachos and soda, giving them a chance to sell off all the extra product left after the final regular season game the previous night.

Apparently setting world records is something of a tradition at Rutgers; last year they set the record for Most People Dressed As Where’s Waldo (that book series being a keystone of their core Literature curriculum) and the year before it was Most People Dressed As Ninja Turtles:

I need say no more.

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