“Pick With Your Heart” Contest Prize List

As promised, it’s time to announce the fabulous prizes for the inaugural “Pick With Your Heart” bracket challenge. In case you missed it, we decided to run a bracket contest with one main rule: in order to participate, you must choose Syracuse to win the whole thing. Also, you could earn bonus points for picking against Georgetown. It was free to enter, and we promised fabulous prizes for the winners. After a week or so of trolling eBay and other online merchandise sites, we’ve lined up a fine assortment of Syracuse-related goods that we will be shipping out to the winners free of charge.

Last Place Booby Prize

The last-place finisher will receive a DVD of the movie The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens. We were intrigued by the release of a film that appeared to celebrate the exploits of one of the greatest players in Syracuse history. Turns out it’s an insanely low-budget and nearly irredeemable Harry Potter ripoff. We of course published a full review here at Cuse Country, which, if you haven’t seen it, is worth checking out. It includes the definitive comparison between Billy Owens the Orangeman and Billy Owens this child wizard. The movie is so bad that to watch it is its own kind of punishment. A fitting fate for the person who performs the most poorly in our contest.

Honorable Mention
Fourth, fifth, and sixth place brackets will receive one of these miniature Syracuse basketballs. And by miniature, I mean approximately 2″ in diameter and made of hard plastic. Perfect for shooting hoops with your cat or small dog, or for a very challenging round of beer pong.

Third Place
The third place bracket will win a unique SU combo pack… unique because I have made it up. You will receive a 2007 Donruss Elite Jim Boeheim card from their “School Colors” series, which (once properly mounted) will brighten up any nightstand or mantelpiece.

You will also receive this authentic Syracuse basketball game program from the 1992 season, featuring the immortal Michael Edwards on the cover. Edwards was an important part of the early 90’s Syracuse squads, including a Sweet Sixteen squad in 1990 and the Big East Tournament champs in 1991. Edwards was a starter for much of 1990 and all of 1991; he spent his junior and senior seasons as one of the primary reserves behind Adrian Autry and Mike Hopkins.

The program also contains a story on superfrosh Glenn Sekunda. A must-have for any complete ‘Cuse fan library.

Second Place

Our second place finisher will receive a limited-edition Syracuse Orangemen scale-model Winnebago. In honor of SU’s travels to Salt Lake City (and hopefully on to Indy) you will get to proudly display the best road-trip vehicle known to man all decked out in Cuse colors. This was our most popular prize when we ran NIT brackets a couple of years ago, and we’re proud to include it among this year’s haul.

First Place

What more perfect prize than this could there be for a Syracuse-themed bracket contest?

That’s right. Jim Boeheim for Mayor of Bracketville. (Isn’t that a great JB picture, by the way? My guess is that he’s reacting to a crappy call by Tim Higgins.) This poster has everything. Classic Boeheim photo, a bracket contest theme, and of course a carefully placed Nike Swoosh. This poster will hang in the mancave (or girlcave) of our bracket winner, where he (or she) will have a permanent reminder of his (or her) dominance of the entire field in this cutthroat competition.

We’ll update the standings again once the Final Four is set, and declare the winners soon after the tournament ends. Meanwhile, let’s kick some Butler butt tomorrow!

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  1. Posted March 25, 2010 at 1:16 am | Permalink

    Oh snap! If I had known that poster was on the line I wouldn’t have had Louisville in the freakin’ Elite Eight.

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