“Pick With Your Heart” Results

There are no losers here, only a bunch of people who didn’t win anything. And a few who did. Let’s go to the videotape!

As we discussed a few days ago, the booby prize for the contest goes to NunesMagician. By failing to pick Georgetown to lose in either the first or second rounds, he didn’t earn any bonus points and thus fell into last place in our pool. His punishment for abandoning his Orange faith is to receive a copy of The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens which (sadly) has nothing to to with the real Billy Owens and (fortunately) stars Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Honorable mention in this contest goes to the fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-place finishers. It turns out we have a tie for sixth place, so we go to the tiebreaker. Now that the finals are over (mercifully) we can officially say that sixth place goes to Greg Harts, with 83 points and a better prediction of the combined score in the championship game. Fifth place belongs to Bill Holthouser with 84 points, and fourth goes to Ben Dewan with 86 points. Each of these bracketeers will receive a miniature plastic model SU basketball.

Our third place winner is Chris Smith, with 96 points. I assume this is not the Chris Smith who starred for UConn back in the 90s, though if it is, welcome to Cuse Country; we hate you. Chris’s prize is the SU combo pack — a Jim Boeheim Donruss card and a 1992 game program with Michael Edwards on the cover. Though before I mail out that program I think I might have to transcribe the feature story on Glenn Sekunda and post it here for posterity.

Second place in the contest goes to Robert Bosco, who earned 99 points. Robert wins the Syracuse Orangemen scale model Winnebago. May he pretend to drive it with pride.

And finally, first place. The winner of the 2010 Cuse Country Pick With Your Heart Bracket Challenge is Jeffrey Grupposo. Jeff (can I call you Jeff?) piled up a total of 105 points, including the ten bonus points for picking against Georgetown. (In fact, all our winners except the fifth-place finisher all got those ten points. They made a big difference in some of the final outcomes.) Jeff correctly picked 41 games, including Duke over WVU in Saturday’s semifinal. Jeff receives the Jim Boeheim for Mayor Of Bracketville poster which I hope brings him some comfort in a postseason of otherwise unmet expectations.

I want to thank all 107 bracketeers for participating. Winners should email cusecountry@yahoo.com to claim your prizes. Should SU make it to the NCAAs next year, I expect we’ll be running the contest again. Until that time, keep the faith and Lets Go Orange.

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