2010 S.O.B. Awards - Best Player Quote

Thanks, Idiots. If this had been the Oscars, we’d have interspersed performances of each of those nominated songs throughout the awards presentation. As it stands, though, I think we were better off having them all in one place — it’s easier to impose a quarantine that way.

Cuse Country is proud to present the 2010 SOB for Best Player Quote. We’ve got a fine field of nominees this season. As the world evolves, so has this category. A couple of years ago, the only sources of player quotes were postgame press conferences and news interviews. My, how times have changed. This year’s field includes some of these “traditional-style” quotes, but also some that were delivered via newfangled social media, and one that was delivered completely nonverbally. Today’s winning quote will go on to face “ITS NOT QUITTING IF YOUR NOT WANTED ITS MOVING ON REMEMBER THAT!!!!” in a steel-cage deathmatch as part of Syracuse University’s graduation weekend festivities this May.

Without further ado, here are the nominees:

  • “ooo yea that’s hot”Scoop Jardine: not so much a quote as a catchphrase, this sturdy offering came to be loved by teammates and fans alike for its ubiquitousness and overall versatility, appearing as it did on the tail end of nearly every tweet that issued forth from @ScoopJardine11 during the season.

  • “A lot of yall act like we can’t lose a game, like we are invincible or some (bleep). That’s funny cause I know half of yall can’t hoop anyway.”Kris Joseph: via Twitter after the first Orange loss to Louisville, when a rush of negativity began to flood the Tweetiverse. Says nominator Steve of CuseOrange: “He had the pulse of Orange Nation on that one.”

  • “The fans here are great. That’s the one way to define them: Great diehard fans.”Kris Joseph: this quote “really embodies the relationship between the players and fans this year which was truly outstanding,” according to Jameson Fleming of Bleacher Report. Clearly delivered at a time and place somewhat removed from the previous nominee.

  • “We’re probably the best team in the country”Andy Rautins: pretty much speaks for itself. I think he was right.

  • “Coach Boeheim…[he's] been coaching 34 years. He’s seen every game you can possibly see. Our leaders, Arinze and Andy…Our whole coaching staff. We all come together and try to play together and play smart and don’t make bonehead plays like myself.”Scoop Jardine: upon being asked why SU didn’t seem to have much trouble with its two early-round opponents in the NCAA Tournament. Encapsulates all that was great about this year’s team — the cohesiveness, and also the loose, fun attitude.

  • “[FLING]“Mookie Jones’s headband: as The Glaude of Hoya Suxa points out, “Actions speak louder than words, son.”

Ladies and bloggers, a round of applause for all your nominees.

Thank you. And the winner is….

…uh oh. There seems to be a voting controversy! The phrase “ooo yea that’s hot” received three votes for Player Quote of the Year. However, it also received one “anti-vote”, as one blogger cast his ballot for “anything BUT ‘ooo yea that’s hot’. ” So by all rights this “anti-vote” should cancel out one of the votes in favor of it, leaving it with two votes. Also receiving two votes was Kris Joseph’s “half of yall can’t hoop anyway” Twitter rant. (No other quote received more than one vote.)

Normally this would mean that we have a tie. But, as I am not Pat Dye, that outcome is unacceptable to me. Furthermore, my inclination is to award the prize to the nominee that is an actual quote that actually says an actual thing. So, in a stunning upset, the 2010 SOB for Best Player Quote goes to:

“A lot of yall act like we can’t lose a game, like we are invincible or some (bleep). That’s funny cause I know half of yall can’t hoop anyway.”Kris Joseph

Congratulations to all the nominees, and to our winner. That quote couldn’t be here today, so I’ll accept the trophy on its behalf. We’ll see you back here tomorrow for another award, but right now we ask that you visit the granddaddy of all SU sports blogs, Orange::44 where in the 5pm hour they will be announcing the award for Best Syracuse Video By a Fan or Blog. And be sure to visit Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician for complete SOB coverage today and tomorrow. And now a word from our sponsor, Muscle Milk.

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    I applaud you for taking a stance and reject the tie. Well done sir. Ooo yeah, that’s hot.

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