finding joy the old fashioned way…

…which is to say, finding joy in the other guy’s pain.  Lets focus on what matters in the recently released Post-Standard preseason writers poll on the upcoming Big East basketball season.  Sure, SU was picked to finish 3rd, which is a decent perch from which to begin the new campaign. No complaints there. But lets see if you can notice the less obvious source of potential happiness in these results:

1. Pittsburgh (10 first-place votes)
2. Villanova (3)
3. Syracuse (2)
4. Georgetown
5. West Virginia (1)
6. Marquette
7. St. John’s
8. Louisville
9. Notre Dame
10. Connecticut
11. Seton Hall
12. Cincinnati
13. South Florida
14. (tie) Rutgers
16. DePaul

I’ll give you a hint, the box-o-schadenfreude is sitting somewhere between 9th and 11th.

You got it: UConn is 10th.  Tenth.  The fall of the mighty delightfully continues. There is no school in the Big East that deserves an extended run of failure more than UConn, and all signs point to just such a happy conclusion.  While Georgetown remains the epitome of evil, the Connecticut basketball program (men’s and women’s, I might add) makes the Hoyas look like a model of class.  Georgetown must be destroyed, but at least they are a worthy opponent.  UConn is worthy of nothing but scorn, and seeing them down in the double digit levels of the Big East brings a smile to my face. Last year they crapped the bed to the tune of 18-16, and didn’t sniff the NCAAs. Lets hope that trend continues and the writers’ prediction comes true.

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    Nice catch! I can’t say I’m upset.

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