If you need BET tickets…

…I have good news for you!

You recall, of course, how great Georgetown was at selling tickets this year… such as how they sent out emails a few hours before tipoff of the Pitt game to try to sell seats… or how they put out a Groupon for 60% off tickets to the Cincinnati game… or how they claimed to have sold out the Syracuse game well in advance, only to magically end up with student tickets still available the day of the game. Well, that same Hoya Ticket Marketing Machine is coming through like gangbusters for this week’s festivities at the Garden. I received the following email from them Monday afternoon:

(emphasis added)

I didn’t know it was kosher for the schools to sell individual session tickets. I thought it was “booklet or bust” when you went the official route. Maybe this is new policy designed to combat scalping? Or maybe it is scalping — after all, the sales are CASH ONLY. No paper trail.

So, if you are going to NYC this week and looking for tickets, I know a guy.

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