One more bracket contest you are required to enter

Several times in the past, Cuse Country has run bracket contests. Well we aren’t doing one this year, partly because I still haven’t mailed out the prizes from last year. I found them a couple of months ago sitting in a box in the basement, having been banished there “temporarily” during a spring cleaning and then promptly forgotten.


So, no contest from us this year. However, I was recently informed of one that you must enter:

That’s right, Syracuse’s own Donte Greene is running/sponsoring a bracket challenge where the winner gets a signed pair of his shoes. It’s free to enter, and it’s hosted on Yahoo where you probably already have at least one bracket already filled out and ready to go. So you may as well go for it.

And yes, the advertisement really does say “To sign up, visit follow link below”. To save you some time, here’s the link to the contest. Deadline is Thursday morning, before the noon games start. I picked Syracuse to win 81-78 over Kansas, because why not.

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