From Nolan Weidner’s story on Floyd Little’s introductory news conference:

…Later, Little had fun with SU basketball coach Jim Boeheim, whose collegiate career overlapped with Little’s.

“I used to play (basketball) with you in the old men’s gym, and I used to beat you like a drum … you and Dave Bing,” Little said, referring to the Orange pair – one of whom went on to become an NBA legend and the other a Hall of Fame college coach.

Boeheim laughed when asked later about Little’s comment, and if the football star ever caught him on a bad day.

“No,” Boeheim said. “He never caught me on any day.”

Two SU HOFs talkin’ trash! I love it! And frankly, Jimmy B is a true artiste at the craft. If Boeheim isn’t the most quotable coach in college basketball, I don’t know who is. Every time he’s in public and chats with a member of the press, he’s guaranteed to say something that puts a devilish grin on my face. There are other coaching characters who are his equal in overall entertainment value, but no one can match him for a good quip. Plus, I bet he’s got a million of them that he holds back for every one that he unleashes. Though I dread his retirement, it’ll be fun to see his inner sarcastic demon fully unleashed, once he no longer has to worry about professional ramifications.


  1. Michael
    Posted June 16, 2011 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

    “Not one FARKING game!”

  2. Michael
    Posted June 16, 2011 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    “Can somebody show this kid where the pay phone is.” (to me)

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