Blundering Herd

That game was… how shall I put this…

Any time your opponent misses nine hundred shots (approximately) you expect to have a gigantic lead… unless, of course, that opponent is able to rebound close to half of those misses, and you find yourself unable to score yourself other than when you are on a fast break.

Watching this game I felt like Marshall was designed to be great at some things and terrible at others, like a video-game team. Before the days when all sports games were based on real-life teams and players, there would instead be a variety of pre-programmed squads from which players would select. I feel like the video-game description of Marshall would say “Strengths: rebounding and defense; Weaknesses: shooting and passing”. Seriously. I could not believe how many rebounds they got, or how many times their ballhandlers just got straight up stripped. It was, ultimately, a weird and uncomfortable game to watch. But hey, it’s another solid win over a team that may very well make the tournament this year (they were prognosticated to be the primary challenger to Memphis for the C-USA title). You can’t expect to beat tournament teams by 30. I’m satisfied at the way SU gutted this one out on a night when their offense was way out of sync.

Final note: I don’t know what has happened with Scoop at the free throw line but there is obviously some sort of mental block going on. He shot over 80% from the line as a freshman and 75% as a sophomore, but last year his percentage dropped to the mid 60s and so far this year it is a ridiculous 45%. You can tell it’s in his head — he airballed a foul shot last night. AIRBALLED. And let out a groan/scream that was easily heard on the telecast, as soon as the ball left his hands. He’s going to be at the line quite a lot this year. Someone get that kid a shot doctor. (Meanwhile, MCW’s free-throw stroke looks beautiful. Check back here in two years to see if he gets infected by whatever foul-shooting virus seems to pass from player to player in the SU program.)

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