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When a team has an extended run of success, it’s possible for a top ten ranking to become somewhat mundane. One simply gets used to it, and forgets the excitement other schools may feel in cracking that barrier of prestige. But I posit this: a number one ranking is something that can never get old. Never.


  1. Phil
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    I wonder if Josh still thinks the Orange are over rated? His pre-season spiel mentioned he considered them to be overrated at #5.. Frankly.. I don’t see more than 3 possible losses for the team this season. @Villanova Jan. 11.. the wildcats seem to always solve the 2-3 very well, Pittsburgh 5 days later.. I think we’re all very well educated about the troubles this team has with Pitt (although this game is in the dome) and @ Louisville Feb. 13. Everything else I think is clearly in favor of the Orange.

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    I will admit that I have been impressed by some of what’s happened this season — the team has played better than I expected. The emergence of C J Fair and Kris Joseph as legitimate rebounders has gone a long way towards soothing some of my fears.

    That said, I haven’t watched enough other teams to make a firm judgment about where SU sits relative to their peers at this point in the season. It certainly appears that UNC and UK are not as invulnerable as everyone thought. SU’s game has been flawed at times too, yet they have so far been able to overcome their flaws while other teams have fallen. Thus, they deserve the #1 ranking in the sense of having the best overall season so far. That doesn’t mean I think they are the best team in the country, but I am more willing to entertain the argument than I was two months ago.

    Still, no matter how they got there, it’s pretty damn sweet to be on top.

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    Also - I think you are overlooking several other tough games for the Orange, notably UConn and Marquette. MU is a home game, but we play UConn twice. And we get Louisville twice - the road game will be tougher but they’ve popped us at the Dome too recently.

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