Apologies, and no apology

I am sorry to everyone who tuned in Monday night for Big East basketball and instead had to endure a Big Ten game instead.

I am sorry to the Louisville fans for having to suffer through the artistry of Jim Burr & Co. There were awful calls (and non-calls) on both sides, but it seemed to me that more of them favored SU. (Although, Dion Waiters was absolutely mauled on his penultimate drive to the hoop.)

I am sorry to my roommates who had to endure a greater-than-usual quantity of groaning and cursing while they were trying to sleep (I watched the game at 11pm).

I am sorry for doubting this SU squad’s chances against the Cardinals. I will never question you again. (Yeah right.)

I am sorry that someone told Rick Pitino it would be a good idea to wear this suit:

But with all that, I am NOT going to apologize for winning, and getting a serious monkey off the back of the program. You can only play what hands you are dealt, and SU fought through adversity and came up big in key moments. That was the kind of thing you like to see for a team that is still growing. I liked Fab Melo’s play on both ends of the floor, and his filling the lane on fast breaks. I’m glad he showed a little bit of a post-up move. He didn’t hit the bank shots but both times he tried it, they were real close. A little more polish on that move and the effectiveness of the half-court offense will hit a brand-new level. I also liked the 2nd half that James Southerland turned in. With Kris Joseph in foul trouble, Jimmy South played some extended meaningful minutes for the first time in a few games. His outside shot still isn’t falling for whatever reason but he played excellent defense, grabbed a few rebounds, and hit a couple shots down close to the basket. (Of course, every shot SU hit was down close to the basket.)

Thus ends the first-ever recap on this site of a Syracuse win over Louisville. Who knows, maybe there will be another one in three weeks. I hope the players got Tuesday off, because they put in some serious good work over this stretch of three games in six days. No game until Sunday, should give them time to rest up… and practice jump shots.

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