Syracuse’s Big East Basketball Schedule

Here it is, plus some commentary:

1/2 Rutgers: nice “warm-up game” to open the season. RU is improving but still not in SU’s weight class.

1/6 @ USF: identical to above, but on the road.

1/9 @ Providence: Final visit to Providence, home of Big East HQ.

1/12 Villanova: Glad their final Dome visit is on a Saturday night. Shall we go for another crowd record?

1/19 @ Louisville,
1/21 Cincinnati
: This could be a tough turnaround. SU always has trouble with the Cardinals, and then to host the bruisers of UC less than 48 hours later (MLK Day, 3:30 tip) will be a challenge. Glad to have a full week to prep for UL though. Random fact: the Sunday between these two games will be the Presidential Inauguration.

1/26 @ Villanova: This game will tip at 11AM (thanks, ESPNU). It remains to be seen how many Nova students will be awake enough to make it to the arena.

2/2 @Pitt: ACC preview!

2/4 Notre Dame: Big Monday in the Dome, for the last time. (We’re going to have to adjust to ACC Tuesday next year. Get ready to change your yoga night.) Last tilt with the Irish, though I would not be at all surprised to see them pop up on the non-conference schedule in a few years, where they used to be regularly before they joined the Big East.

2/10 St. John’s: Sunday afternoon on ESPN. The Johnnies could be much improved this year, though by the time this game rolls around we’ll have a pretty good idea of who they actually are.

2/13 @ UConn: The Huskies don’t visit the Dome this year, and they’re banned from the BET (ha-ha!) so this is for certain the only meeting between these teams. Expect as hostile a road crowd as any this year.

2/16 @ Seton Hall: Finally, a road game that I can attend. Going to spend a Saturday in Jersey, eating at the Dinosaur BBQ just around the corner from the Prudential Center.

2/20 Providence: meh.

2/23 Georgetown: Holy shit. 4PM Saturday, CBS. Hello world. Please sell 40,000 tickets to this game.

2/25 @ Marquette: let-down alert. Particularly with the short turn-around, this has all the makings of a ‘trap game’. I have no idea whether MU will be any good because I don’t know anytyhing about the eleven* junior-college transfers they’ve got coming in.
*may refer to a number less than eleven

3/2 Louisville: a nooner, also on CBS. Also a potentially huge crowd; the city of Syracuse loves those Saturday afternoon games. I’m kind of pissed we are playing Louisville twice instead of UConn or even Notre Dame. I will emphatically not be sorry to see this series go. They are so damn annoying to play.

3/6 DePaul: the schedule makers got this one wrong. This, right here, this is the final Big East game in the Carrier Dome. Ugh. With all the history that is going down, to have the least Big-Easty of all the teams coming in for the occasion is just plain stupid. I mean, the Dome has hosted a Big East Tournament, and is second only to MSG as an iconic location deeply associated with the conference. I can’t decide if this was a deliberate move by the bigwigs to downplay the whole thing, and stick it to the Orange a little bit, or just how the marbles shook out. But I’m disappointed. If you want a bad team in here, at least have Providence show up. Oh well. Plus it stinks for Brandon Triche to have his Senior Game be a Wednesday night in front of (probably) one of the smaller crowds of the season.

3/9 @ Georgetown: for all my bitching immediately above, the schedule makers got this one right. If SU can’t finish their Big East career at the Dome, there is no way I would rather go out than deep behind enemy lines in DC. Whatever hostility SU will face in Connecticut, let alone elsewhere, will pale in comparison to what awaits them on this Saturday afternoon. As a DC-area resident, I am going to pay whatever I have to in order to get in the building for this one. I know that Boeheim and others have said that they want to continue to play Georgetown annually going forward, but no future matchup is going to have the same intensity as this one. G’Town lost three top players but has a solid core of returning talent (remember Otto Porter?) and this ought to be one for the ages.

Can you imagine how sweet it would be for SU to win that game? To send the Hoyas home sad one last time? Oh my god I am already twitching with anticipation.

3/13 etc., Big East Tournament: I’m going to this too. Try and stop me.

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