Getting into the Verizon Center (a public service announcement to the Otto-man Empire)

It has been a Cuse Country tradition to attend Syracuse games against Georgetown at Verizon Center. When we started this site, many of us lived in and around DC, and those who didn’t would come visit for the appropriate weekend. In fact, the name of this blog is derived from the following sign that we brought to a game, circa 2005:

In past years it was ridiculously easy for any SU fan to purchase tickets to the game in DC. One would simply wait for single-game tickets to go on sale, and buy some at regular price. There was also frequently a large group purchase by the DC chapter of the SU alumni club in which one could participate. Then last year, everything changed. As you undoubtedly recall, Georgetown never released tickets to the general public, reserving them exclusively for students, alumni, and athletic supporters. Of course, that didn’t stop Orange Nation from invading the arena in force. (Nor did it pack the place with Hoya fans: there were still chunks of empty seats in the expanded student section.) But it did make things more expensive.

When this year’s Big East schedule was released, we all immediately identified its most noteworthy feature: SU’s final Big East game ever is at Georgetown on the final Saturday of the season. What better way to end an era? For me, attendance at this game is non-optional. But I feared that the Hoyas will enact another round of shenanigans, to make tickets to this game once again unavailable, except through secondary markets. And with the historical significance of this game, the demand (and prices) will probably be higher than ever. Right now on StubHub, the lowest-priced ticket is at $95 (before fees), and I expect it will only rise from there.

However, there is an effective workaround that we have decided to use for this season: the mini-plan.

If you order a five-game mini-plan from Hoya Ticketing, you can get an upper-deck ticket to the SU game for $50 (behind a basket) or $55 (corner). You then also have to buy tickets to four more games. The cheapest way to do this is get four $10 tickets, which are available for a variety of games (including a few Big East opponents). There is a flat fee of $25 attached to each order ($15 shipping and $10 service fee) but if you get more than one ticket, that cost is rapidly dissipated among the several seats. The result is you spend around $100 for a Syracuse ticket, which is less than you will spend on StubHub, and have four other tickets that you can use or sell at your leisure.

If you want access to a somewhat better seat (still upper deck though), you can get an 8-game plan and spend $130 or so. You can spend a little more to get tickets to somewhat better games too. What I’ve described is the “base option”. In my opinion this will be the least expensive way for most SU fans to get into the Georgetown game. The only downside is that you have to create a “MyHoyas” account, and probably deal with plenty of spam, and Groupon deals to get 75% off tickets to the Marquette game. A small burden to bear for the privilege of watching SU crush the Hoyas one last time.

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