Time to dive in

…and that will hopefully be my only boat-related pun for tonight’s game. Though I may end up slipping in a few more, I assure you they will be completely by accident.

It hasn’t been easy to find time to write in this space so far this fall, but as of now I have no more excuses. The latest Orange edition kicks off with exceptional fanfare. Unlike the last couple of seasons, this year I find myself in the unusual position of having no idea how this season might turn out. Not even a gut feeling. It’s all too new. When your team loses four of its top five players, you can do nothing but hope that the former bit players are able to step up into starring roles, and that the new guys can fill some of the holes left behind. I’ve seen the two preseason games but the team is so young and inexperienced that those games were not particularly enlightening. All I can say for sure is that there is tons of room for growth on this squad. Their ceiling is quite high. But it’ll probably be quite a roller coaster ride for them to be able to reach it. They’re going to have to find their identity, their own style, swagger, all that stuff. It’s going to be one of Boeheim’s trickier jobs. But I have faith, if not yet confidence, that things will come together by midseason and that we’ll be cheering for these guys well into March.

In the meantime, let’s get down to business and send the Aztecs back to the Stone Age. I won’t be able watch live, so the Twitter will be silent, but I’ll have a recap up overnight.

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    Assuming that SD St has any legit claim on a top 20 ranking and that their players look similar to other top 20 teams’ players, then one thing I can tell for sure is that this SU team is huuuuuuge and loooooong. I don’t know if our offense is going to be able to get organized against top caliber defenses, but damn we’re gonna lock some people up.

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