OK, I thought the USS Midway was actually docked in port, not rolling around on the high seas. But it must have been unmoored and rocking to and fro on some major waves. How else to explain the utter slopfest that was yesterday’s Battle thereon? It hurt my eyes to watch, and not because I was squinting into the sun. The official box score says 18 Orange turnovers, and 16 for SDSU. But watching the game it felt like twice as many. I guess I am mentally including all those times that someone threw up a ridiculously bad shot for no obvious reason. I can forgive poor shooting (especially in those windy conditions) if the shots are sensible, but not the excessively cavalier way they treated possession of the ball. Guys were throwing it all over the place. Maybe being outdoors awakened all their playground pickup game instincts. And sure, all the caveats about this being an early season game for a (relatively) young team in a strange environment certainly apply. I’m surethere won’t be another game all year that looks like this one did. So I’m not freaking out by any means. But holy hell that was ugly.

At least it didn’t get suspended at halftime.

Credit to CJ Fair, whose garbage game was best suited for those conditions, and to Boeheim for wising up and basically banning jump shots after about 10 minutes. MCW alternately impressed and infuriated me; I guess he really did learn a lot from Scoop Jardine. Primarily, though, I am very excited by what I saw from Brandon Triche. He was a rock on which the youngsters were able to lean, he was the only guy to shoot above 50% from the floor, and he looks like he’s finally fully embraced his linebacker qualities. Did you see him battling for offensive rebounds? He was just clearing out space with those shoulders. And he had a number of serious drives to the rim where it was basically “I’m going past you or through you, your choice, but I’m scoring on you either way”.

So now we get the Wagner Valkyries (I assume that’s what they’re called) Sunday, and Princeton comes calling Wednesday — and I’ll be there! Gotta love those holiday weekend Dome games. In the meantime, your first Pro Update of the season is coming in a few days.

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    We have become a privileged bunch indeed to dominate a top 20 team on the road and yet come away with equally as many concerns and negative impressions as positive ones. Not that I disagree with any of your points, I’m just taking a step back.

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