Oh yeah, the Wagner game

This game was not televised in the DC area, nor was it available on ESPN3 after the fact, so I was unable to view even a moment of its splendor. All I can reliably glean from the box score is that Triche continues to be the man, the outside shooting is still quite streaky, the defense appears smothering again, and DaJuan Coleman is probably not ready to dominate like we’d hoped. I would love to say more but without seeing the action it’s hard to really get a feel for the flow of the game, who’s up and who’s down. The good news is that I’m going to be at the Dome tomorrow night, so I’ll be able to give a first-person account of the awesomeness. This will be my first legitimate look at the team, seeing as how the outdoor game conditions were so unusual that you couldn’t really tell what was what. I’m eagerly looking forward to this, my annual pilgrimage. Also I hope to use some of the ‘down time’ to catch up on all the other developments in the SU sports landscape, good and ill.

See you at the Dome tomorrow night!!

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