Some things that there are not 900 of

  • Varsity lettermen in SU men’s basketball history (642)
  • Points scored by Marius Janulis in his SU career (889)
  • Assists by Jason Hart in his SU career (709)
  • Wins by Syracuse football since the beginning of time (686)
  • Calories in a Big Mac (550)
  • 3-pt attempts by Andy Rautins in his SU career (754)
  • Years since the Magna Carta was issued (797)
  • Points & rebounds combined by Donte Greene in his lone SU season (871)
  • Current and former ESPN on-air personalities (approx. 350, per Wikipedia)
  • miles from Syracuse to Atlanta, site of this year’s Final Four (783)

Congrats Coach. Here’s to 900 more. (The less said about win #900 itself, the better.)

Facts and figures from, the SU basketball media guide, and assorted internet searches.

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