There is nothing quite like a visit from Central Connecticut State to cure what ails you. After two consecutive poor outings (and you can include the last eight minutes of the Detroit game in there as well) it was refreshing to see things go right for the Orange. Shots going in, from everywhere. Coleman and Christmas actually using their physical advantage over a smaller team. Rebounds galore. And even shooting over 60% from the foul line (hey, I’ll take it). I’m not too thrilled with the turnovers, it seems MCW in particular is still trying to be too fancy. Granted, when it works, he gets dunks for his boys. But you have to assume it will work much less often now that we are entering Big East play, and I’m worried that it’ll be a hard habit to break. But other than that, it feels good to wash the taste of the last couple of games out of one’s mouth and finish off 2012 on a positive note.

Look, anytime Baye Keita only has to play 10 minutes, you know things have gone well.

Looking back on the nonconference slate, I’m not sure what to expect this edition of the Orange going forward. They could end up being as awesome as their current top ten ranking indicates, but they still have holes to fix. Those holes can only be fixed by playing quality opponents and giving guys the opportunity to step up their games. I understand why JB scheduled a softer-than-usual slate this season (the True Road Game notwithstanding). Losing four of the top six players from last season, you need to take it a little easier in December to build up confidence, chemistry, and so forth. But I’m eager to see how they react against constant stiffer competition, game in and game out. Should be entertaining to say the least.

PS. Did you know that, as of this writing, all three of SU’s small forwards are shooting over 40% on three-pointers, but all three of their guards are shooting below 31%? Look it up.

PPS. Tune in later this week for some Pinstripe Bowl tastiness.

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