Did Syracuse really just win a game at the free throw line?

I saw it with my eyes and still don’t believe it. What’s next, the government minting a trillion-dollar coin?


I’ll take the road win, and I’ll take the strong interior play of Fair and Christmas which is what really carried the day. Those guys stepped up when they really needed to. CJ, nicely done as usual; more of that please, Rakeem. The other good news to come out of this game is that SU had what will be its worst jump-shooting performance of the season, and still managed to win in a surprisingly hostile Dunkin Donuts Arena.

The bad news is not the bad shooting — that sort of thing happens, it’s flukey and won’t last. The bad news is that they let Providence, hardly an offensive powerhouse, shoot 50% from deep and 42% overall. Syracuse’s defensive intensity was lacking in this one. I don’t know if they were subconsciously expecting the Friars to be as awful from the floor as South Florida was, or what. But it was a poor defensive effort. Also those two turnovers in the last 30 seconds were miserable. Otherwise, I’m not too broken up about this game. If SU shoots like they normally do, they win this one by 15 points.

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