Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Nothing like a porous Seton Hall defense to restore confidence in your shooting ability. Slump? What slump? How does 56% shooting sound?

Of course, Pitt’s rugged defenders could throw the Orange right back off their rhythm, where they have been for the better part of a month. But maybe — just maybe!! — this game will re-ignite the Syracuse offense and boost their play on that end more towards the high level to which we’d grown accustomed. The best part is, we’ll know in under 24 hours.

Game balls all around. Every one of the top six guys played well. MCW’s record-tying performance and Southerland’s white-hot shooting are the lead stories, but Triche also found his groove, mostly in the second half. Encouragingly, he hit a few of those mid-range shots that he used to nail with regularity but for which he had somehow completely lost the touch recently. And a couple of threes, one of which elicited a serious primal scream. And CJ Fair was back to being quietly awesome.

Plus, this game will go down in history for its Baye Keita alley-oop. I could not believe my eyes on that, and I eagerly await YouTube’s permanent memorialization of that moment. Both he and Christmas played very good games, Rak’s two jump shot attempts notwithstanding. They scored inside, rebounded a bit, and held SHU’s post threat Teague to a minimal impact. Like I said: game balls all around.

See you tomorrow!

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