Still smiling

It’s 4:45, and Georgetown still sucks.

By the way, that was the game I was hoping for when I got tickets to the season finale at the Verizon Center. I think that was the game everyone was hoping for that day, except maybe the obnoxious parts of the Hoya fanbase. Anyone with historical perspective wanted one more knock-down drag-out epic battle. And I’d be saying the same thing if GU had pulled off the win. That was as satisfying a ballgame as one can hope for.

Plus, any time you are led to victory by Trevor Cooney and Baye “7-for-7″ Keita, you know you’re having a good time no matter what.

Wouldn’t it be great to take the Big East trophy and just run off with it, forever, like the annoying kid who owns the football and thus can unilaterally decide “I don’t want to play anymore!” and go home, leaving the rest of the kids to shuffle around an empty field trying to figure out something to do. (Hi UConn!)

Let’s do this. One last time. One last run to a championship. GO ORANGE!

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