“Pick With Your Heart” bracket challenge returns!

This is how your NCAA bracket should look:

You should never have an incentive to root against Syracuse. And so, we here at Cuse Country have decided to revive our “Pick With Your Heart” bracket challenge. It’s free to enter, there are prizes available, and the only rule is this:

You must pick Syracuse to win the championship.

Any bracket without Syracuse in that final slot is ineligible, null and void, it is dead, it has ceased to be, it is an ex-bracket.

Here’s the scoring system:
Round 1 (Jonny Flynn) - 10 pts
Round 2 (Carmelo Anthony) -15 pts
Sweet Sixteen (Sherman Douglas) - 20 pts
Elite Eight (Pearl Washington) - 31 pts
Final Four (Derrick Coleman) - 44 pts
Championship game - 0 pts, because everyone has the same pick

In addition, you can follow your heart even further and get bonus points for picking against Georgetown:
+50 if you pick the Hoyas to lose in the first round
+30 if you pick them to lose in the second round
+10 if you pick them to lose in the Sweet Sixteen

The contest will be hosted by Yahoo. They don’t have the Hoya Bonus factored in but I will include that in my final calculations.

Here’s the link to join via Yahoo. The group ID is #127598 and the password is “ongenaet”. Once again, it’s free to enter and there will be real prizes (to be announced shortly). So go ahead and throw your Otto hat into the ring. And may the best bracket win!

PS. On another note, this never gets old:

Otto Poster


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