Sweet again!

The Syracuse defense, when thrust upon poor, unsuspecting souls who have minimal preparation time, can be deadly. You saw it last night. On an evening when the Orange played far from their sharpest offensive game, the zone completely befuddled the entire Cal roster (and coaching staff), propelling SU back to the east coast for their fourth Sweet Sixteen in five seasons. Consider that the Bears made just four three-pointers, two of which were 28-foot bombs that had no business going in anyway, for a blistering 19% from deep. And they turned the ball over 17 times. SU was sloppy on offense and missed a ton of foul shots and yet never really seemed in true danger of losing the game.

So, to recap. Syracuse on Thursday night:

Georgetown on Friday night:

Syracuse on Saturday night:

Georgetown tonight:

See you in DC on Thursday!

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