The streak continues!

I know, I haven’t posted here since November, two games into the season. Dreams of long, involved essays breaking down the specifics of Tyler Lydon’s footwork have given way to the realities of 1.5 full-time jobs. And yet, in the wake of last night’s victory over Florida State, SU has once again reached the point where they are assured of a winning season.

They’re now 17-8. With 6 regular season games left, at worst they will finish 17-14. Even if they then lose in the first round of the ACC tournament, and the first round of any post-season tournament they might be in after that, they will finish no worse than 17-16. Therefore, we can officially say that 2015-2016 will be Syracuse’s 46th consecutive winning season.

The Streak began with the 1970-71 Roy Danforth squad that went 17-9, featuring Greg Kohls and the best SU big man nobody talks about, Bill Smith. (Seriously, look at his career numbers.) SU’s current streak of 46 consecutive winning seasons is second only to UCLA’s 54. There is still a long way to go, including one coaching change (hopefully no more than that), before we catch them, but whether or not we do, this streak is worth celebrating, and this site will continue to do so for as long as it exists.

Which may be an hour and a half from now, but still.

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