Time to celebrate … time to go

I’ll make this quick.

Congratulations to both the men’s and women’s basketball teams for overcoming the odds and making their respective Final Fours this season. It’s quite an accomplishment for any team, in the crapshoot that is March Madness. Double credit to the women for making the final game and putting forth nothing less than their best effort in an impossible situation. I feel like the men didn’t perform their best against UNC — nerves were evident early, and some open shots were missed that needed to be hit in order to pull the upset. But that doesn’t discount their remarkable achievement in getting as far as they did. They should be nothing but proud of their achievements.

I also want to give a belated congratulations to the SU field hockey team, who won the national championship last fall. Cuse Country got on the field hockey train back in the early days, when we were searching for a fall sport alternative to Greg Robinson’s football disaster. I even went to a couple of games when they came through the DC area. So we were excited to see them finally win it all.

That said, this will be the final post on this blog. When my beloved team advances to the Final Four and I can’t manage to write a single post to discuss any aspect of the tournament run, it’s clear that writing in this space is no longer a priority for me. This blog began in the fall of 2006. It started out as a space for a group of friends to write about and discuss SU basketball. Over the next ten(!) seasons, all of our lives have changed. People got degrees, jobs, spouses, houses, kids (not all in that order), and things here got quiet. Though it’s been a labor of love, and though we are all still as passionate about SU hoops as we were then, there is just not enough gas left in this tank to keep it going. I’ve tried to keep on keeping on but it will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that the time has come to hang up the typewriter.

This blog covered an amazing period in the history of SU basketball. We saw two Final Four runs and several #1 rankings, including perhaps the best team ever to wear the Syracuse colors (derailed by FUCKING ASSHOLE Greg Monroe blowing out Arinze Onuaku’s knee). We saw lottery picks, one-and-dones, five-star busts, and seniors who built themselves from sideline players to team centerpieces. We saw Six Overtimes. We saw the Big East dissolve. We saw Josh Pace win an MVP award in New Zealand. We interviewed some former Orange players, and we analyzed the specifics of the team’s MySpace pages (yes, this blog is actually that old). Most of all, we shared our love for this program with each other and with the rest of you, denizens of the internet.

The Twitter account will remain active, so you won’t be completely free of our underinformed opinions. We’ll continue to leave some droppings on Facebook as well. And this site will stay ‘open’ as long as someone keeps paying the domain hosting bill (thanks Tim!) but there will be no more posts.

So, we leave you with a few things. First, CJ Fair crushing Otto Porter:

Otto Poster

Second, Elvir Ovcina’s promotional photo from the website of his Belgian team, a photo dubbed “Elvir In Jail” by Tom:

Elvir In Jail

Third, some thank yous:

– To the rest of the SU blogosphere: Orange::44 (the first on the scene, and still well worth your time), TNIAAM (who took it to the next level, and then like three more levels after that), and Orange Hoops, the ultimate site for information and knowledge about Syracuse Basketball through the years. Other sites have come and gone (some were awesome) but these are the pillars of the SU internet community of which we have been proud to be a part.
– To my fellow Cuse Country authors and contributors: Jer, Tom, Tim, Syracusan, Daz, and Andy, all of whom wrote far more entertaining stuff than I did.
– To our readers, commenters, and supporters, who turned this from just a bunch of guys yapping at each other into a bona fide web community.
– To all the players and coaches, and everyone else involved in Syracuse basketball, for giving us something worth talking about.
– And finally, to the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. You know why.

And so we say, for the last time, and forevermore,


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