Quick Hitter

I’m sure this post is going to get sandwiched between a few others and ultimately lost in the ether but I just have to say:

  • Jonny Flynn is the balls
  • Siena has some pretty good shooters, but they had a number of open shots that they missed, even in close. The defense is going to need some work
  • How much do you want to bet JB holds “press-break” drills in practice tomorrow (and for the rest of the month)
  • Donte Greene has a sweeeeet stroke from deep - this won’t be the only 90-point game this year
  • Arinze is a Brick House (and I don’t mean his foul shooting, believe it or not he went 4-5 in that dept). He looked like he could have crushed any Siena player’s head with his bare hands if he’d wanted to
  • Jonny Flynn is the mad ballz
  • ESPNU must not be on many cable systems, they have some weak-ass commercials! For instance, an ad for this took up an entire timeout. Where are the Coors Light and Ford Truck ads? I demand satisfaction!

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