The new Levance Fields Effect

Remember the days of yore when Pitt’s Mr. Fields was just an obscure player that this space could reference as an example of SU’s propensity for giving up huge games to random unknown players? How times have changed. Levance long ago came into his own as a major force on the Panthers, and tonight he dropped 21 on Duke, including the game winning 3 pointer with less than 5 seconds to go in overtime. Pitt beat the Dukies 65-64 in MSG in a satisfying win for the Big East Conference, especially since I was able to watch it. Pitt came into the game 10-0 and ranked 9th, Duke was 10-0 and ranked 7th. Nice job boys.

Pitt’s enormously beefy 6′7″ super-freshman DaJuan Blair had 15 points and 20 rebounds in this game. If I wasn’t so scared of getting annihilated by these guys, I’d look forward to seeing him and Arinze banging in the post.


I see that our commish has added the depressing tag of “Torn ACLs” to our options on the right. Sigh. In light of that, I’ll mention that Pitt’s senior starter Mike Cook crumbled to the floor a minute into the OT, and Dr. Syracusan feels confident he’s done for the year. Cook averages 11, 3, and 3, and has started 48 straight games for them. Not as tough a loss as Devo, but at least we know we’re not the only team getting snake bit early in the year. Louisville has been having all sorts of problems with the injury bug too.

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