SOB Awards: Worst Moment

Thanks Nick. You know, ladies and gentlemen, SOB can stand for a number of things. But if you read it as an acronym, it spells “sob”, and the basketball team certainly made us sob at times this year. As Syracuse fans we know to expect more than just sunshine and roses throughout the year. It wouldn’t be a true SU Basketball season without some truly awful moments that just made you want to slam your head in a car door over and over. To honor this critical component of Orange fanhood, we here at Cuse Country are proud to present the SOB award for Worst Moment of the season. (PS. If you don’t know what the SOB Awards are, go here to get the backstory and begin your journey through today’s awards ceremony.)

The nominees for Worst Moment are:

1. Eric Devendorf Tears ACL

Axeman: “You just knew it wasn’t good.”
Brian from Orange44: “Lineups, strategies, and games were clearly affected by this. Syracuse lost its most seasoned leader and was forced to turn to a bunch of freshmen to play a lot of minutes. While plenty of moments really stunk, this clearly had the most implications.”

2. Believing the Preseason Hype
Matt from HoyaSuxa: “I thought this team would win about 400 games and beat Georgetown 100 gazillion to zero”

3. The Paul Harris Turnover & Pitt Loss

Ray from Orangehoops: “In a season where the best player, Eric Devendorf, tears his ACL and is lost for the season, it’s pretty hard to make one single ‘bad’ play that is worst than that. Harris managed.”
Sean of TNIAAM: “Stomach-punch to the nth degree.”

4. Losing to Villanova in the BET

Three Idiots: “That’s when we knew the season was over.

And the winner is:


(clumsily fumbles with envelope)

It’s a tie! What an historic occasion. The two worst moments of the 2007-08 basketball season are Devendorf’s Injury and The End of the Pitt Game. Congratulations you two. Now take your trophies and git out!

For the next SOB award, we continue to celebrate the sucky bits of the SU basketball season by passing the baton to CuseAdelphia for the Most Disappointing Player award, coming up in the 3 o’clock hour.

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  1. Posted April 25, 2008 at 8:11 am | Permalink

    None of those were particularly fun but that Pitt game ruined an absolutely lovely day for me. Our NIT loss to UMass was probably the worst for me. Then there was the first loss to UMass. Damn, we had some bad moments this year.

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